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A MILLION THANKS for the wonderful help from Ginny Sparlin and Iris Luckel who helped with our art show in so many ways!
There were five (5) Teachers who submitted 28 beautiful art pieces to 13 categories. There were twelve (12) Student/Members who submitted their 40 special pieces to 14 categories. The entries were all especially beautiful and an interesting variety.
We had a sixteenth category, "My favorite Piece", added at the last minute. This piece did not have to be finished in the past year - just be a favorite piece.

The following were winners of ribbons:

Teacher Art Show:

1) Landscape - Ginny Sparlin; 2nd Noreen Goetz
2) Rosemaling - No entry
3) Decorative - Ginny Sparlin
4) Folk Art - Marilyn Corners
5) Floral/Fruit - Marilyn Corners; 2nd Ginny Sparlin
6) Animals & Birds - Noreen Goetz; 2nd Marilyn Corners
7) Pastels or Pencil - Marilyn Corners
8) Watercolor - Noreen Goetz; 2nd Marilyn Corners
9) Mixed media - Karon Sorensen; 2nd Noreen Goetz
10) Holiday - Ginny Sparlin; 2nd Noreen Goetz
11) Fabric/Wearable Art - Noreen Goetz; 2nd Marilyn Corners
12) Mini - Noreen Goetz
13) Pen & Ink - Noreen Goetz
14) Portrait - No entry
15) Original Designs - Marilyn Corners; 2nd Char Bucher
16) My Favorite Piece - tie: Marilyn Corners and Noreen Goetz; 2nd Ginny Sparlin

Teacher Best of Show - Marilyn Corners for Original Design of Aspen leaves

Student/Member Art Show:

1) Landscape - Elissa McAlear; 2nd Linda Bierman
2) Rosemaling - Elissa McAlear
3) Decorative - Elissa McAlear; 2nd Linda Bierman
4) Folk Art - No entry
5) Floral/Fruit - Sharon Campbell; 2nd Pat Greene
6) Animals & Birds - Elissa McAlear; 2nd Pat Greene
7) Pastels or Pencil - Iris Luckel; 2nd Elissa McAlear
8) Watercolor - Jody Tidwell; 2nd Verlene Siska
9) Mixed media - Verlene Siska; 2nd Pat Greene
10) Holiday - Sharon Campell; 2nd Linda Bierman
11) Fabric/Wearable Art - Sue Hoover
12) Mini - Melinda Barnes; 2nd Iris Luckel
13) Pen & Ink - No entry
14) Portrait - Kathy Kula
15) Original Designs - tie -Pat Greene and Sharon Campbell; 2nd Ginny Sparlin
16) My Favorite Piece - tie - Pat Greene & Elissa McAlear; 2nd Iris Luckel

Student/Member Best of Show - tie - Jody Tidwell & Pat Greene

This year we had a separate ballot for Guests to vote for Category 16 in each of the Art Shows. The votes were for Noreen Goetz and Marilyn Corners in the Teacher's Show and Sue Hoover for the Student/Member Art Show.

Thank you Verlene Siska and Iris Luckel for finding Blossoms at Heather Gardens for our luncheon and art show! We had more room for displaying our art work. Everyone who brought entries made the Art show possible and I THANK YOU ALL! We'd love to have more teachers and student/member entries in each of the categories next year!

If you have any suggestions for next year to make displaying and voting easier, PLEASE do not hesitate to let me know so we may make appropriate changes by January. We may eliminate the categories that had no entries unless you wish to keep or add a category.

With my greatest appreciation to ALL of You, Elissa McAlear, Art Show Chair

Elissa McAlear, Art Show Chair

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